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Saturday, April 16, 2011

A nice Friday at the park

     Yesterday, Mom took BamBam and I to the park. We saw some peoples at the park and BamBam got scared and jumped out of his stroller. It was my turn anyway.
BamBam before he got scared and tried running away

Roxy in the stroller being good and NOT running away!

After we walked around the park for a while, we went home and I must say, that was the longest car ride ever! Maybe it's just because it was really hot outside and sticking my head out the window doesn't help much when we are at a red light. When we finally got home I drank all of the water out of the water bowl and moved on to drink from the toilet, which Mom wasn't too happy about.  Later on, Dad cooked on the grill. He gave BamBam and I each one hot dog. We got lucky, normally it be Mom that sneaks us food!


  1. woooos! What a grrreat day! We love the park & hotdogs are our favorite!! play bows,

    RA & Isis

  2. How neat you have a stroller for those hot days, yay! What a lot of water you drank Roxy. And special licks to Dad for giving you both those hotdogs *drools*