Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Snow QUEEN

December! It's finally here. The time of Christmas and my mom's birthday. The time for snow dancing! The snow dance summons the snow to fall to the ground! I am the snow QUEEN!

The snow dance! Now THAT'S what I call
Outside checkin' out the snow! SEE the dance
actually works.

Sorry this one a bit blurry. I dance too fast
for the camera!
See! I make snow come whenever I want just by dancing! I don't dance in Summer though because snow in Summer would be weird! Although if someone lives up North I will go over to their place if they want snow! I am an expert at making it snow! All I have to do is dance. Now all I need is my crown and throne to rule all the snow of the WORLD! *evil laugh* 

1 comment:

  1. Ohhhh, you are the Snow Queen, Roxy, doing your mystical magical dances to bring the snow to earth so that anipals can play in it with their snowmobiles and sleds and make Frosty snowmen *looks in awe*