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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Moms Birthday Is Coming up!!!

My moms birthday is coming up! What am I going to give her! I need ideas. BamBam already though of bones but she doesn't eat bones! Mom will be upset if we forget her birthday. She NEVER EVER forgets mine or BamBam's! She's a good mom but she gonna think we irresponsible again if we ended up forgetting her birthday AGAIN! Yes, we forgot last year too. This year we aren't going to forget though. We remembered but now I want to get mom some presents! She always give us presents and they are really cool presents too! Such as bones, tennis balls, and new beds! She buys us all that great stuff but what does a dog like me give to her owner?!

There I am earlier this year on my birthday! I got bones! They were tasty.

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