Saturday, November 20, 2010

I've got allergies!

I went to the vet on Friday November 19 and found out I have about 20 or 30 different allergies. Wait... Let's recap. On the Thursday before, mom started noticing bumps on my back, they started out small and kept getting bigger and they were everywhere! She called the vet and found out that they were hives. She gave me a benedryl, the hives went down and we went to bed. The next morning they were back and I got another benedryl and later on got to go to the vet. Now we know they are definetly hives and my whole body was red and inflamed. The vet said most animals that come in like this have about 20 or 30 different allergies. Oh great now I have all these allergies to watch out for! I got a shot and antibiotics I have to take twice a day until they are gone (about 2 weeks). We got home and I have hives agian - I was allergic to the shot the vet gave me! I got yet another benedryl. Now today being Saturday, my skin color is back to normal (thanks to that shot) and I havent taken a benedryl since last night and still no hives. So far it looks like I'm getting better. We are all hoping that this isnt a life long allergy! Those anitbiotics would cost about $180 per month and I would have to take them twice a day for the rest of my life!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Moms Birthday Is Coming up!!!

My moms birthday is coming up! What am I going to give her! I need ideas. BamBam already though of bones but she doesn't eat bones! Mom will be upset if we forget her birthday. She NEVER EVER forgets mine or BamBam's! She's a good mom but she gonna think we irresponsible again if we ended up forgetting her birthday AGAIN! Yes, we forgot last year too. This year we aren't going to forget though. We remembered but now I want to get mom some presents! She always give us presents and they are really cool presents too! Such as bones, tennis balls, and new beds! She buys us all that great stuff but what does a dog like me give to her owner?!

There I am earlier this year on my birthday! I got bones! They were tasty.

Monday, November 15, 2010

PinkAngels and BadBoyzOfTwitter

BamBam and I are officially biker doggies! It still seems strange saying that!

There I am! On my cute pink bike! I love this picture. I was riding in the grass for practice!
And there is BamBam! He likes riding through the forest a lot! He likes the scenery. He looks like such a tough guy!